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Born to be stylish – 2019 Baby Trends

Born to be Stylish (Baby Clothing Trends 2019):

Baby clothing trends can be a tricky thing to follow. Unfortunately for parents, babies themselves cannot tell us precisely what is hot or not, so, the so style-conscious fashionista must rely on what parents do and say when it comes to making their babies look ‘in’. However, when it comes to baby fashion, the key aspect really is quality. What is the material and how is it made?

Certainly, knitted clothing has a certain timeless appeal. Comfortable, versatile and safe, knit-wear is stylish for people of all ages, but it particularly lends young’uns a certain, stylish sophistication. However, as with all clothing, quality is key. Knit-wear, mass produced and clumsy is a recipe for a tangled, woolly disaster. When looking for baby knit-wear, it’s best to go with a material that is not only comfortable and good for keeping the child warm and cool, but material that’s versatile and resistant. For this reason, cashmere has proved to be very popular when it comes to baby clothing.

Another item of clothing which can transform a dull, practical outfit into something fun and special is the romper. It has the added advantage of being practical and easy to get on and off!

From kiddy converse to extensive ranges of high quality knitwear, dressing kids like tiny adults is both fashionable and adorable. However, babies occupy a unique space in the fashion world. Some things which work well on kids, only work on kids! Somewhat differently to adult fashion, the dungaree remains a strong move baby fashion-wise. This is one of the few areas of fashion where corduroy is not just permissible, but actively stylish, a nice, well made dungaree not only looks right, but it’s also practical for getting nappy wearers dressed and undressed swiftly.

If there’s something that 2018 revealed, it is that, although the miniature adult is in, no-one has forgotten the value of dressing babies to be as cute as they can be. One item of clothing which works particularly well on babies is the animal hoody. Although some adults do try to pull this off, the bunny ear hoody offers something that all the knit-wear and all the dungarees in the world cannot and makes an essential part of any baby wardrobe.

Another fashion trend which made its mark in 2019 is something a bit more surprising. Accessories. Although babies cannot accessorise in the traditional sense, they have needs that can be just as stylist as any handbag. Baby blankets, plush toys and brushes all serve a practical purpose, there can be no denying this. However, just because something serves a practical purpose, it doesn’t mean it can’t add style value to your outfit. A good quality blanket, well placed and well used can do something special for the baby’s outfit.

Baby fashion isn’t exactly straightforward, and trends come and go. However, the one thing which seems to stick is the value and popularity of quality. Whether you want something ambitious and modern, or something tried and tested, investing in good quality material and practical design will go a long way.

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